Head Line Grammar

Head Line Grammarポイント

1. to+動詞の原形(=be going to) 未来 「~へ,するだろう」 e.g. "Ichiro to play Friday"
2. ":" =said; "," ";" =and ","は単語を,";"は文をつなぐ e.g. "Japanese women, at 86, live longest in world: WHO""Mizuho, Sumitomo see red; Resona turns profit"
3. 短い単語で代用 e.g. "Kanji testing body execs held" body=organization; execs=executives; held=arrested e.g. consider=eye; up=increase; aid=support


Shinsei bank plans a 2010 merger with Aozora bank
Shinsei plans 2010 merger with Aozora

50 people => 50

United (Airlines)
American (Airlines)


Jackson items of sudden value
Jackson items are of sudden value

Tehran on edge after new protest warning
Tehran is on edge after a new protest warning


Sri Lanka cricket attack arrest made
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