- Workbenchの用語オプションでMultiTerm7が選択できない場合

It turned out that the only way to solve the problem was to uninstall all versions of Java and .NET Framework as well as MultiTerm, restart, and then reinstall MultiTerm, which also installs the required versions of Java and .NET.



Since the problems were solved, I've installed a programme with Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0., and as a result, I ran into the same old problems.
This time I uninstalled only .NET Framework 2.0 instead of doing all the steps mentioned above, and now everything works as it should.
So my conclusion: if you have MultiTerm 7.1.0 Build 361 on your computer, you cannot have any programmes requiring .NET Framework other than version 1.0 ...


しかし,.NET Framework全削除しても選択できん…。
Trados 2007とMultiTerm7を全削除してもう一回初めから入れ直して,パッチも当てたら認識するようになった。
が,今度はSynergyが.NET Framework2が入ってないとかいって入らない。入ってるっちゅーに。

一番いいのは,Trados2007削除,MultiTerm7削除,.NET Framework3&2削除,Trados2007最インストール(.NET Framework2が自動インストールされる),MultiTerm7インストール,各パッチインストール,Windows Updateかなぁ。
by tut_ankh_amen | 2009-07-16 17:39 | メモ

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