Ten Necessary Skills to Live in Japan

- The skill of falling a sleep in the train (to neglect people and the weak who your seat should be given)
- The skill of keeping your arms high up in the train (not to be mistaken for an offender touching women's body)
- The skill of making a line (to buy anything, to wait for a train, and to live in Japan. Everything's in order.)
- The skill of pretending to speak English (to make them believe you're from the United States)
- The skill of driving a car skillfully (to avoid people in a narrow road and park your car in a limited space. Any scratch to another car must be treated as an accident to be informed to the police.)
- The skill of avoiding bitches (not to be a husband divorced and deprived of your baby)
- The skill of eating smelly food without pinching your nose (to eat natto, miso soup, wasabi, roasted fish, etc.)
- The skill of sorting garbage (to dispose garbage in accordance with the municipal's rule and recyle it)
- The skill of opening shy Japanese mouths (to communicate with people)
- The skill of giving up using imagination and imitate people's action (not to get angry about the Japanese policy)
by tut_ankh_amen | 2010-07-24 11:54 | 小文

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